Policies and directives for infrastructure in First Nation communities

Learn about the policies and directives guiding INAC's infrastructure funding in First Nation communities.

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Protocol for infrastructure

Protocol for INAC-funded infrastructure
This protocol describes the requirements that a First Nation council must follow to receive funding from INAC's Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program (CFMP).

Water and wastewater

Water and Wastewater Policy and Level of Service Standards (Corporate Manual System)
INAC's policy and level of service standards for funding to support First Nations in delivering potable water and wastewater services on reserves.

Schools and education facilities

Level of Service Standards - School Space Accommodation Standards 2016
This standard describes the level of funding available for the construction and renovation of First Nation schools.

School Site Development Policy
INAC's guidelines for CFMP funding for developing on-reserve schools.

Level of Service Standards and Management of Teacherages on Reserve
INAC's guidelines for CFMP funding for planning, developing and implementing living accommodations for teachers working at schools on-reserve.

Rental of Facilities for Federal and Band Operated Schools
INAC's guidelines for funding the rental of school facilities through CFMP.

Fire protection

Level of Service Standards for Fire Protection
This standard explains the funding support INAC provides to First Nation communities based on the community's existing fire protection services and assets.

Energy systems

Electric Power Supply and Distribution System
INAC's guidelines for determining the level of funding available for eligible electrical supply systems on-reserve.

Capital projects evaluation

Evaluation of Capital Projects under Contribution Arrangements
Learn how INAC reviews and evaluates capital projects under contribution agreements.

Operational Parameters for the Review and Evaluation of Construction Management Projects
These operational parameters are intended to be used by regions carrying out reviews and evaluations of construction management project proposals received from First Nations.

Operation and maintenance

Operation and Maintenance Directive
Learn about the capital asset inventory system, the asset condition reporting system, the operation and maintenance of capital assets, and compliance requirements.

Tendering policies

Tendering Policy on Federally Funded Capital Projects for First Nations on Reserve
INAC's policy on tendering for federally funded capital projects (excluding housing) for First Nations on reserve.

Framework to Guide the Development of a First Nation Tendering Policy
This framework helps First Nations develop their local tendering policy and procedures for general contracting and construction management. First Nations must develop tendering policies as a condition of receiving federal funding for capital projects over $100,000 (excluding housing).

Roads and bridges

Directive on roads and bridges
INAC's criteria for determining funding levels for roads and bridges.

Construction contracting guidelines

The following links provide accepted practices and principles related to the procurement of construction services by contract:

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