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Find out what you need to know about status cards and the Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document.

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Proof of registration needs to be renewed but Indian status does not.

What is a service provider

A service provider is an organization or business that provides various services and benefits, such as health or social services and benefits, to persons registered under the Indian Act. The services and benefits provided can be from federal, provincial or territorial government programs or from any other program that delivers services.

To find out more about registration, visit About Indian status.

Which status cards are valid

All versions of the status card are valid until their renewal date.

To find out which status cards are currently valid, visit Is your status card valid.

You can also find out if a secure status card is valid by calling 1-877-VALIDE8 (1-877-825-4338). This service is only available for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status, not the Certificate of Indian Status.

What other documents prove registration

As a service provider, you may also accept an original TCRD as proof of registration. A photocopy of a TCRD or a TCRD that has been altered in any way is not valid.

To ensure the TCRD is valid, check the expiry date and the raised seal of the Indian Registrar in the bottom-right corner.

To find out more about the TCRD, visit About the Temporary Confirmation of Registration Document.

Is the cardholder exempt from taxation

If "Cardholder is not eligible for sales/transaction tax exemption" appears on the back of the secure status card, the cardholder is not exempt from taxation.

Cards with that message printed on the back are issued to members of a First Nation that has negotiated a self-government agreement resulting in a change to tax exemption eligibility for its members.

To find out more about tax exemption for registered persons, visit Information on the tax exemption under section 87 of the Indian Act.

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