Contaminated Sites On-Reserve program

The Contaminated Sites On-Reserve (CSOR) program is responsible for managing contaminated sites on reserve lands and any other lands that fall under Indigenous Services Canada’s (ISC) responsibility.

Reporting new environmental emergencies

To report a recent or occurring spill of a hazardous substance or other environmental emergency, please go to Report an environmental emergency.

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About the program

This program provides funding to First Nations to identify, assess and remediate contaminated sites on reserve lands and other lands under the department’s responsibility. The program’s objectives include:

CSOR is funded primarily through the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP). FCSAP is administered by the Treasury Board Secretariat and Environment and Climate Change Canada.

To support the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites on reserve lands CSOR uses the federal contaminated sites 10-step process.

The contributors to contamination within a reserve come primarily from

Learn more about all known and suspected contaminated sites under ISC’s departmental responsibility:

Learn more about the Government of Canada’s definition of these sites:

What sites are eligible for funding

Eligible expenditures under the program can be divided into environmental site assessment and remediation.

Examples of on-reserve sites that are eligible for CSOR funding include:

Examples of on-reserve sites that are not eligible for funding include:

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. To determine if your site is eligible for funding, contact your ISC regional office.

For more information on the management of federal contaminated sites, please consult Contaminated sites.

How to apply for funding

The program operates on an open intake basis, with site assessment and remediation work prioritized according to site risk and community priorities. Please contact your ISC regional office to discuss your project.

Who can report a contaminated site on a reserve

  • First Nations community members
  • band councils or First Nations communities
  • district and chief councils
  • tribal councils
  • First Nations organizations, associations and institutions

How to report a contaminated site

To report a suspected contaminated site on a reserve at any time, please contact your ISC regional office.

Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan results

Key FCSAP program results are published each year through the FCSAP annual report. The reports include:

To see the full list of FCSAP publications, please consult Federal contaminated sites: Publications

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