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ISC's role in sustainable development

The Government of Canada committed to sustainable development in 2008 by passing the Federal Sustainable Development Act. As a result of the act, a Federal Sustainable Development Strategy (FSDS) is developed every 3 years to present the Government of Canada's sustainable development priorities, goals, targets, and government actions.

For ISC, sustainable development means considering how decisions impact the social, economic and environmental long-term well-being of Indigenous and Northern communities.

ISC contributes to the Government of Canada's efforts in sustainable development by working to achieve specific sustainable development goals. This work is outlined in ISC's departmental sustainable development strategies, which are updated annually and reported on through its Archived: reports to Parliament. These strategies reflect the government-wide initiatives used to strengthen accountability and show how ISC and other government departments are managing sustainable development and supporting and contributing to the FSDS.

Public statements

In accordance with the Cabinet Directive on Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals, all proposals submitted to an individual minister or to cabinet for approval must include a preliminary scan and, if required, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

According to the cabinet directive, preliminary scans are carried out by ISC officials to determine if environmental effects are likely. If no major environmental impacts are found to be likely, the SEA process is considered complete.

If important environmental effects are likely, whether they are good or bad, ISC must complete a detailed SEA and a public statement of Detailed Strategic Environmental Assessment must be made when the policy, plan or program is announced, outlining the results of the SEA.

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