Assisted Living Program

Assisted Living Program provides funds to identified service providers to help provide non-medical, social support services to people living on-reserve with chronic illness or disability.

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About the program

This program provides funding for non-medical, social support services to seniors, adults with chronic illness, and children and adults with disabilities (mental and physical) on reserve to help them maintain their independence.

There are three major components:

Who can apply?

First Nations, provinces and Yukon receive funding on an annual basis as part of agreements negotiated between the federal, provincial and Yukon governments.

First Nations, provinces and Yukon then provide assisted living services to eligible recipients. Individuals who believe they may be eligible to receive these services should contact their band's assisted living coordinator or their band manager to arrange an assessment by a health care provider.

Who can receive assisted living services?

Any individual residing on-reserve, or ordinarily resident on-reserve, who has been formally assessed by a health care provider (in the provinces or Yukon) as requiring social support services.

Individuals must not have the means to obtain such services themselves, or access to other sources of support from the federal, provincial or Yukon governments.

Residents of the Northwest Territories or Nunavut are covered by their territorial government program.

Who qualifies as ordinarily resident on-reserve?

Ordinarily resident on-reserve means that individuals live on-reserve and do not maintain a primary residence off-reserve.

Individuals who are off-reserve to obtain care not available on-reserve are considered ordinarily resident on-reserve, and eligible for funding through the Assisted Living Program, if all eligibility criteria are met.


Annual deadlines vary, depending on the signing of the annual agreements. If you are a First Nation, contact your regional office for more details.

How to apply?

If you are a service-provider:

The department provides funds annually to First Nations through their core funding agreements.

Ontario and Yukon receive funding on an annual basis as part of intergovernmental agreements.

If you are an individual looking for services:

If you are ordinarily resident on-reserve and wish to find out if you are eligible to receive assisted-living services such as in-home care, adult foster care and institutional care under the Assisted Living Program, contact your band's assisted living coordinator or your band's manager.

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