Circuit Rider Training Program

How First Nations water and wastewater operators can get training and mentorship from a roster of experts.

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About the program

The Circuit Rider Training Program (CRTP) is a capacity building program that provides training and mentoring services to operators of First Nations' drinking water and wastewater systems (water operators). Proper training and certification helps water operators reduce health risks and ensure safe drinking water in their communities.

Circuit Rider Trainers are experts that rotate through a circuit of First Nations communities, training the people responsible for operating, monitoring and maintaining drinking water and wastewater systems. These experts:

The goals of the program include:

Who can access and how

Any First Nation that operates a public drinking water or wastewater system is automatically enrolled in this program and can request support by a Circuit Rider Trainer at any time. For more information on how to get a Circuit Rider Trainer's support, First Nations can contact their nearest Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) regional office.

How Indigenous Services Canada supports the Circuit Rider Training Program

ISC invests approximately $24 million annually for various capacity building initiatives for water and wastewater operators in First Nations communities. This includes more than $12 million per year for the Circuit Rider Training Program.


There are no deadlines for this program, First Nations can join at any time.

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