Sample Commitment Letter/Community Support

Month Day, Year (i.e.: May xx, 2017)

Name of Organization representative (i.e.: FNSSP recipient)
Name of Aggregate Organization
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Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Miss/Ms. (FNSSP recipient contact person),

RE: Letter of Community / Band School Support - First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP)

On behalf of our First Nation/school, please accept this letter as a formal commitment to participate in (Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) project under the First Nation Student Success Program with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada for fiscal year 2018-2020.

  1. Name of school
  2. Name of school

Our First Nation/school(s) will work with (Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) to undertake all three components of the Program (school success planning, student learning assessments and performance measures). (Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) will engage our school(s) to ensure it is prepared to undertake all three components with particular focus on literacy, numeracy and student retention.

(Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) will ensure the Program guidelines are followed for our school, and will provide appropriate coordination and support services for all three components, including project management; sharing of information and best practices; training; specialist and technical support; monitoring; compliance; evaluation and reporting.

This letter also serves as a formal indication that our First Nation/school(s) agrees to share our nominal roll data and any other data that may be required to develop plans for improving our students' educational outcomes. We understand that funding for these initiatives will be administered by (Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) and that reports will be required from our First Nation to meet Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada deliverable requirements. We understand, as well, that should the (Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) provide any funding directly to our First Nation/school, it must be done through a written funding arrangement.

By participating with (Aggregate Organization name/FNSSP recipient) in the FNSSP project until March 31, 2020, we will encourage greater efficiencies and economies of scale, and will reinforce the ongoing efforts for continuous improvements that our First Nation/school is undertaking.


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