Strategic Partnerships Initiative

The Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI) helps Indigenous communities participate in complex economic opportunities.

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About the program

The Strategic Partnerships Initiative (SPI) provides a way for federal partners to coordinate their efforts, reduce administrative burden and pool resources in support of Indigenous communities. This approach fills gaps in other funding programs that might create a barrier to Indigenous involvement in economic opportunities. SPI initiatives can span multiple years, have regional economic impacts and serve multiple communities.

SPI is led by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and shared by a growing network of federal partners, including:

SPI promotes partnerships between federal and non-federal groups in key economic areas. This allows SPI to support opportunities that are not eligible for other federal funding.

SPI supports investments in:

$14.45 million is budgeted for SPI funding per year.

Who can apply?

Federal departments leading SPI initiatives determine any application processes which vary depending on the initiative's objectives. Those eligible to participate in SPI initiatives include:


There is no deadline for this program as this is an ongoing process.

How to apply?

Eligible recipients do not apply directly for funding. Federal partners work with Indigenous communities to identify opportunities to bring to SPI's interdepartmental investment committee for consideration. The committee vets and then supports the co-development of chosen initiatives.

Application processes may vary depending on the initiatives’ objectives. For more information, a list of current initiatives and contact information in your area, please email

Contact us

Send an email to the SPI Secretariat:

Economic Business Opportunities Branch
Strategic Partnerships Initiatives Directorate
Indigenous Services Canada
10 rue Wellington
Gatineau QC K1A 0H4

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