Transfer payment terms and conditions

Terms and conditions set out the parameters under which transfer payments may be made for a given program. At Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), we are focusing our efforts on simplifying and streamlining our services. An integral part of these efforts is the consolidation of the transfer payment terms and conditions.

Consolidation of Authorities

In an effort to bring greater clarity and understanding to its suite of programs, the Department has undertaken a consolidation of some of its transfer payment terms and conditions. This consolidation will contribute to increased flexibility and supports the reduction of reporting burden for recipients, as well as more appropriately managing the administration of transfer payments. The goal is to collapse multiple, and often duplicative, stand alone authorities into natural groupings based on program themes.

There will be no changes to spending levels or any cuts resulting from this consolidation. This initiative is purely administrative in nature and aimed at improving the way the Department does business. A Table Summary of Changes - Consolidation of Transfer Payment Terms and Conditions has been developed that explains the changes to the consolidated authorities.

To help recipients in the completion of their 2014–15 funding agreements, the Department is making available online all of its Terms and conditions for ISC transfer payments. These terms and conditions come into effect April 1, 2014 and are subject to the availability of funding appropriated by Parliament.

This initiative reflects recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Grants and Contributions (PDF), and requirements under Treasury Board's Policy on Transfer Payments, both of which aim to provide clarity and consistency for all of government. This initiative also addresses the June 2011, Office of the Auditor General of Canada Report, which called for changes to reduce the administrative burden on First Nation communities.

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