New Approach for Housing Support in British Columbia

Indigenous Services Canada's (ISC's) New Approach for Housing Support (NAHS) program in British Columbia supports First Nations to better and more effectively leverage funding, develop housing plans and policies and manage housing in their communities.

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About the program

In British Columbia, the Housing Subsidy Program has been merged with NAHS to provide more options for First Nations. NAHS is part of ISC's support for First Nations on-reserve housing, but not part of the national First Nations On-Reserve Housing Program which does not effectively support many of the smaller First Nations in British Columbia.

NAHS is delivered through the annual First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan process.

NAHS has 3 streams:

  1. Governance and capacity: provides funding to help First Nations create housing policies and plans as well as training and capacity development
  2. One-year project: provides a flat-rate subsidy toward new home construction or purchase and renovations, including building inspection costs
  3. Multi-year project: provides a more flexible approach to support First Nations community housing plans over a 2 to 3 year period of funding new home construction or purchase, multi-unit construction (3 or more units), renovations, site preparation, building inspection costs and project management costs

Who can apply?


There is no deadline to submit an application. They can be submitted throughout the year. However, First Nations must include their planned housing projects in their annual First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan submissions.

How to apply?

Please contact the ISC BC regional office at 1-800-567-9604 or 604-775-5100 and ask to speak to the housing officer assigned to your community. They will provide you with the appropriate application templates and answer any questions you may have about this program.

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