New Approach for Housing Support in British Columbia

Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada's (INAC's) New Approach for Housing Support (NAHS) in British Columbia is designed to help First Nations better and more effectively leverage funding, develop housing plans and policy, and manage housing in their communities.

As part of the investments in First Nations housing made by Budget 2016, the On-Reserve Housing Funds call for proposals has been launched.

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About the program

NAHS in British Columbia provides a wider range of eligible activities and flexibility for First Nations than the Housing Subsidy Program. Both programs are part of INAC's support for First Nations on-reserve housing, but not part of the national First Nations On-Reserve Housing Program which does not effectively support many of the smaller First Nations in British Columbia.

NAHS is delivered through the annual First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan process.

NAHS has three streams:

BC First Nations can apply to NAHS and the Housing Subsidy Program.

Who can apply?

First Nation councils, or delegated authorities (such as tribal councils and other eligible organizations) that have funding agreements with INAC.

First Nations that want to establish or update their housing policies or plans should first apply to Stream 1, and can apply to Stream 2 or 3 in following years.

Any First Nation in British Columbia can apply to Stream 1, even if they applied for funding from the existing Housing Subsidy Program. However, if a First Nation is approved for Stream 2 or 3 under NAHS, they are not eligible to apply to the Housing Subsidy Program during the period of the approved NAHS project.


As NAHS is delivered through the annual First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan, applications must be submitted to INAC's regional office in British Columbia by October 15 of each year.

How to apply?

Please contact INAC's British Columbia office at 1-800-665-9320 or, if in Metro Vancouver, 604-775-5100 and ask to speak to your capital management officer.

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