What is considered valid acceptable identification

Documents accepted as valid identification when applying for registration under the Indian Act or a secure status card.

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What is valid acceptable identification

The identification needs to be issued by a federal, provincial, territorial or state government authority and valid, that is, not expired.

To be considered acceptable, the valid identification needs to include your:

  1. name
  2. date of birth
  3. photo
  4. signature

Which forms of valid identification are acceptable

Valid acceptable identification includes:

If applying in person, you need to present original valid acceptable identification.

If you need a guarantor, you need to submit copies of the front and back of valid acceptable identification, each copy signed and dated by your guarantor.

How to apply if you don't have valid acceptable identification

If you don't have a valid acceptable piece of identification with your name, date of birth, photo and signature, you can submit multiple valid pieces of identification that, when combined, meet all of those requirements.

If you only have one piece of valid identification that meets some of the requirements, you can submit that piece of identification with a guarantor declaration.

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