Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program: National Program Guidelines 2018-2019

Table of contents

1. Introduction

The Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program provides grants to Inuit individuals as well as community-based Inuit cultural/education centres to support the development and promotion of Inuit cultural heritage.

2. Objective

The objective of the Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program is to support Inuit individuals and communities in expressing, preserving, developing, and promoting their cultural heritage, as well as in sharing their cultural heritage with other Canadians, thereby promoting awareness of Canada's cultural diversity.

3. Expected Results

It is expected that this grant program will lead to an enhanced understanding of Inuit culture and a richer Canadian cultural fabric.

4. Activities

Activities funded under the program must support the expression, preservation, development and/or promotion of Inuit cultural heritage.

5. Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients are:

6. Proposal Process

All funding for the Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program will be based on proposals approved by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). Proposals are selected on the basis of meeting program objectives, with consideration given to geographic distribution.

Applicants must submit detailed proposals for the activities to be undertaken over the course of the agreement, clearly stating how the proposed activities will further the objectives and expected results of this program.

Submission of Proposals

Only proposals submitted in the electronic proposal form issued by ISC will be considered for assessment. Refer to the proposal form and the attached instructions for application details. Incomplete proposals will be returned to applicants.

The information required in the proposal is available in the Reporting Guide. To access the proposal form, contact your regional office.

Details on the 2018-2019 call for proposal and the application process can be found in the Call for proposals page.

Assessment Criteria

All proposals will be assessed by the following criteria:

Note: Meeting these criteria does not guarantee funding from the Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program.

Review and Approval of Proposals

ISC regional or headquarters staff will review and approve proposals. A written response will be sent to applicants to confirm whether, or not, their proposal has been approved for funding. A cheque will be sent to successful applicants.

7. Eligible Expenditures

Payments are limited to covering the direct costs of one-time projects related to Inuit culture, which are outlined in the proposals submitted and include:

8. Ineligible Expenditures

Payments do not include the following expenditures:

9. Maximum Program Contribution

A maximum amount of $5,000 may be made available per recipient within a fiscal year for eligible expenditures.

If the amount of total funding requested in eligible proposals exceeds the total available budget, eligible proposals will be approved on a "first come, first served" basis.

10. Reporting Requirements

Recipients are encouraged to provide a brief summary (4-6 lines) of their completed project to their ISC Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program officer by e-mail. The summary should include the project results upon completion of the project.

11. Contact Information

For further program information please visit the Inuit Cultural Education Centres Grant Program page.

The regional offices coordinates can be found on the Regional Offices page.

You can also write to:

Education Branch
Indigenous Services Canada
10 Wellington Street

These National Program Guidelines can be consulted in the Education Programs - National Program Guidelines page of ISC's website and through the View Instructions button on the first page of this program's proposal form.

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