Departmental Plans and Results for Indigenous Services Canada

The Estimates of the Government of Canada are structured in several parts. Beginning with an overview of total government spending in Part I, the documents become increasingly more specific. Part II outlines spending according to departments, agencies and programs and contains the proposed wording of the conditions governing spending which Parliament will be asked to approve. The Departmental Plans and the Departmental Results Report make up Part III of the Estimates publications. All Estimates documents are prepared to support appropriation acts. The appropriation act is the vehicle through which funds are authorized in order to pay for government programs and services.

The Part I, Part II and Departmental Plans, along with the Minister of Finance's Budget, reflect the government's annual budget planning and resource allocation priorities. In combination with subsequent reporting of financial results in the public accounts and of accomplishments achieved in Departmental Results Reports, this material helps Parliament hold the government to account for the allocation and management of public funds.

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Departmental Plans

These reports provide details on departmental priorities expected results and related resource requirements for the upcoming fiscal year and two subsequent years. They form the basis against which year-end performance is assessed and reported on via Departmental Results Reports and they are tabled by the President of Treasury Board in the House of Commons on a date determined by Parliament.

To learn more about Departmental Plans, visit the Treasury Board's Departmental Plans webpage.

Departmental Results Reports

The Departmental Results Report, which covers the most recently completed fiscal year, is tabled by the President of Treasury Board in Parliament in the fall. This report provides detail on actual results achieved against departments and agencies plans, priorities and expected results set out in their respective Departmental Plan.

To learn about Departmental Results Reports, visit the Treasury Board's Departmental Results Reports webpage.

Departmental Results Framework

The Treasury Board Policy on Results, effective July 1, 2016, was implemented to improve the achievement and tracking of results across the federal government, and to better communicate these results to Parliamentarians and Canadians. It aims to define the goals that the government is trying to achieve, to measure progress toward the achievement of these goals, to track resources used to achieve these goals, and to communicate these measurements in a clear and transparent manner.

As part of the Policy on Results, departments are required to establish a Departmental Results Framework, which tracks expected results (what we aim to achieve) and indicators (how well we are doing in achieving results), articulated around departmental core responsibilities (key domains of intervention) and supported by a program inventory (list of departmental programs).

The Departmental Results Framework provides the structure for annual reports to Parliament, including the Departmental Plan and the Departmental Results Report.

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