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As of January 23, 2018:

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Manitoba First Nations school system celebrates first-year successes

"One key component of the agreement has been the ability of the school system to increase the salaries offered to its current and future teachers. The salary boost helps us to attract and retain qualified teachers. A common problem among a lot of our First Nations band operated schools was that they couldn't afford to pay the teachers at a comparable rate."

Nora Murdock, Director of Instructional Services, Manitoba First Nations School System

Grand opening of Lake St. Martin First Nation new school

"Our youth are our future leaders and education is fundamental to their success. As our members make the transition back to our new community, we must ensure there is no disruption of their lifestyle. The new Lake St. Martin First Nation School is a tremendous facility, not only for our youth, but for our community. "

Chief Adrian Sinclair, Lake St. Martin First Nation

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