Investing in community buildout

Budget 2017 provided $352.1 million to support fundamental infrastructure and cultural and recreational facilities across the country, as well as a community buildout for the Lubicon Lake Band community. The buildout is part of a new settlement agreement signed with the band and the governments of Canada and Alberta in October 2018.

The settlement agreement for the long-standing Lubicon Lake Band land claim includes the development of community infrastructure such as:

Construction of the community will provide opportunities for ongoing training and employment.

As of December 31, 2019, $11.2 million has been invested to support projects and initiatives related to the Lubicon Lake Band community buildout. More investments will continue to be made in the coming years.

Results below reflect investments from Budget 2017 only. Additional projects using funding prior to Budget 2017, and not specific to the Lubicon Lake Band community buildout, are displayed on the interactive map under the respective infrastructure category.

Progress since November 2015

As of December 31, 2019:

Description of community buildout-related infrastructure projects
  • 10 community buildout-related infrastructure projects
    • 3 community buildout-related infrastructure project completed
    • 7 projects ongoing
  • 1 First Nation community benefitting

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