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The Asset Management Program (AMP) was introduced in fiscal year 2018-2019 to help First Nations develop capacity for long-term infrastructure construction and maintenance planning.

A call for proposals for the Asset Management Program is now closed. The deadline to submit a proposal was June 30, 2019.

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About the program

AMP is an initiative under Indigenous Services Canada's (ISC) Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program that helps First Nations communities manage their infrastructure in a more sustainable way. It can allow communities to proactively manage their assets, such as schools, water treatment facilities and buildings, and take preventative measures with improved operations and maintenance.

The initiative provides $15 million over 5 years in direct funding to build asset management capacity within First Nations communities, including funding to cover:

Funding for the program comes from the Government of Canada's Investing in Canada plan.

Funding available for each phase or category can be up to $40,000 for a First Nation. For recipients that represent more than one First Nation, or a technical organization, tribal council, or educational institution, funding can be up to $120,000 per recipient.

Each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis after the applicant has met the selection criteria applicable. The initiative encourages projects with more than one community to foster partnerships among First Nations.

AMP has funding in place until March 2023. The 2019-2020 call for applications to support the activities starts May 22, 2019. Potential projects will be chosen by August 19, 2019. Projects spanning over a year will be considered.

AMP will fund various phases of asset management to support a range of activities for participants, including:

1. Awareness

Increasing First Nations communities' awareness to:

  • understand the importance of sound asset management planning among First Nations' elected officials and technical personnel
  • determine how AMP can result in effective service delivery for First Nation governments
  • identify the importance of asset management as a strategic business tool and its role in effective planning, priority setting and decision-making

2. Planning

Development of an asset management plan, which includes:

  • data and systems management
  • demand analysis
  • levels of service standards
  • asset data management
  • costing and valuation

3. Implementation

Implementation of an asset management plan by First Nation communities.

Who can apply?

AMP is available to all eligible recipients under the Capital Facilities Maintenance Program, and can include First Nations communities, tribal councils and related organizations.


The deadline to submit a proposal was June 30, 2019.

How to apply?

Applicants should apply to the regional offices of Indigenous Services Canada.

Contact your regional office by e-mail using the e-mail addresses below and submit your proposal with Asset Management Proposal in the subject heading:

Proposal assessment criteria

Each application or proposal must adhere to the assessment criteria and the funding phases. Applications are assessed using the following criteria:

AMP phases 1, 2 and 3

AMP phases 2 and 3

AMP phase 3

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