Drinking water monitoring

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Indigenous Services Canada's role

We support clean, safe, reliable drinking water by:

Through our Community-based Water Monitor Program, we:

The Community-based Water Monitor Program is particularly important in places where it is difficult or impossible to:

If a First Nation community does not have a water quality monitor, an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) can do the sampling and testing. An EHO is a Certified Public Health Inspector hired by Indigenous Services Canada or by First Nations stakeholders.

Environmental Health Officers:

In the case of a drinking water advisory, we:

If an immediate threat to the health and safety of the community is identified, it is the Chief and Council's responsibility to take necessary action to protect residents.

Toolkits and procedures

Indigenous Services Canada has developed a number of toolkits to help with drinking water issues.

The Water Advisory Toolkit for First Nations:

The Procedure for Addressing Drinking Water Advisories in First Nations Communities, South of 60°:

The Toolkit for Individual Wells for First Nations contains:

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You may contact us by email at fnihb_drinkingwater.dgspni_eaupotable@hc-sc.gc.ca.

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