What communities are saying about 10-year grants

"First off, on behalf of Carry the Kettle First Nation, I would like to thank Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and all that were involved, for giving us the opportunity to opt into this 10-year grant funding agreement. It has been a great experience thus far developing a new plan that can best meet the needs of our community. Having the ability to build a plan based on the best interest of our community's needs today and the future to come in this last month has been wonderful. This last month has not only opened the door to so many opportunities, it has also helped us to see where we can do things more efficiently and effectively. Our goal this year is to strengthen the policies we have, implement new policies and develop a strategic plan that includes those short- and long-term goals with our members.

"We look forward to what this year will bring and the years to come! Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success!"

Chief Brady O'Watch, Carry the Kettle First Nation

"This type of funding is critical to success in a First Nation. The immediate benefits of this new agreement will see funding flow into programming on a monthly basis. This allows us the flexibility to allocate, manage, and use the funding that will accommodate our daily needs and priorities in a way that represents our Cree values and traditions. Before the 10-year grant, our community had to rely on quarterly amounts which often led to borrowing from financial businesses at high interest rates to meet the social needs of our membership. This is truly a first step in acknowledging a true partnership that is focused on nation to nation building."

Onekanew (Chief) Christian Sinclair, Opaskwayak Cree Nation

"Norway House Cree Nation chief and council were pleased to be able to demonstrate our capacity to enter into a new relationship with the Crown on behalf of our Cree Nation. We believe this new model will provide greater control to improve our people's lives and also provides a collaborative approach towards our goal of self-government."

Chief Larson Anderson, Norway House Cree Nation

"The Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN) have signed the 10-year grant with ISC in March of 2019. Selection of FRCN for the grant is credited to the participatory approach we've taken with our members in having established, sound and accountable governance. The grant affords longer-term planning and less reporting to ISC, with greater emphasis on transparency within our community. This also assists our First Nation in continuing to move towards reconciliation with Canada."

Chief David Crate, Fisher River Cree Nation

"Opting into the 10-year grant process demonstrates to our members that we are serious about putting in place the building blocks to become a stronger, transparent, accountable and self-sustainable government. This opportunity complements our commitment to implementing the Micmacs of Gesgapegiag Financial Administration Law and our community five year strategic plan and desire to thinking long term for our community and future generations to come."

Chief Rodrigue Jr. Larocque, Gesgapegiag First Nation

"We are very pleased to be among the first communities in Canada to sign this type of agreement with the federal government. Here in Mashteuiatsh, we have a competent and motivated public administration and we are proud of the work we have put in to achieve such an outcome today. This agreement is a step towards greater autonomy for the Pekuakamiulnuatsh First Nation."

Stacy Bossum, Pekuakamiulnuatsh Takuhikan Human Relations and administration councillor

"For the Conseil des Atikamekw de Wemotaci, access to the 10-year grant is an important lever for development, and particularly an opportunity to affirm our self-determination by putting in place the programs, services and projects that will truly respond to the needs and aspirations of our community members. Going forward, we hope to deal with the federal government on a nation-to-nation basis, in the spirit of true governance. In addition, this new form of funding will allow us to have the flexibility necessary to attain our long-term goals, from a perspective of autonomous government."

Chief François Neashit , Conseil des Atikamekw de Wemotaci

"Saugeen welcomes the initiative of ISC and Assembly of First Nations in moving into the 10-year grant means of funding for First Nations. We anticipate the benefits to be: more flexibility in our service delivery to enable us to focus on the most urgent needs in our community, knowing for certain that the funds will be there for the 10-year period, having to do less reporting to the department on a yearly basis, and receiving most of the funding in advance will enhance our cash flow requirements. It took some effort on the part of the First Nation to be qualified to receive this privilege, but it all proves valuable to the financial stability and success of the First Nation into the future. We thank ISC and FNFMB for their tremendously valuable assistance in this process."

Chief Lester Anoquot, Saugeen First Nation

"I am pleased that our community qualified for this grant through the federal government's successful review of our financial statements and financial administrative law. This change will allow much-needed flexibility in programming to allow our community to focus on our priorities as opposed to those of the federal government."

Chief Paul (PJ) Prosper, Paqtnkek Mi'kmaw Nation

"The 10-year grant structure will mean our community can implement long-term strategic plans that will support our continued economic growth. This process will also allow us to utilize funds for our people, and our future."

Chief Gerald Toney, Annapolis Valley First Nation

"We are pleased that the federal government has modernized the contribution agreements."

K̓áwáziɫ Marilyn Slett, Chief Councillor, Heiltsuk Tribal Council

"The 10-year grant's benefit to our community of Witset is that we have proven that we are fiscally responsible and can manage government funding. We have invested the lump sum payment wisely and the interest realized will provide training for our community members. We plan to build employment programs for our social assistance recipients as we can be more creative with the funding allocation. We are a progressive community and our council is very appreciative of the 10-year grant award to our community."

Victor Jim, Chief Councillor, Witset First Nation
British Columbia
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