Indigenous family health

Find information on healthy pregnancy, child development and vaccinations. Also access programs to help First Nations and Inuit families improve their health.

Services and information

First Nations and Inuit family health programs

Explore programs and access support to help First Nations and Inuit peoples improve the health of their families.

Healthy eating and food safety for Indigenous peoples

Find resources on Canada's Food Guide, Nutrition North Canada and food safety tips.

Vaccinations for First Nations and Inuit

Get the facts about vaccines and how they can protect your children and community.

Health in your home

Find health information on mould, indoor air.

Jordan's Principle

Learn about Jordan's Principle, recent changes and how it protects First Nations children.

Supporting Inuit children

The Child First Initiative ensures Inuit children have access to the essential products, services and supports they need.

Pregnancy for First Nations and Inuit

Discover how you can have a healthy pregnancy with these tips about eating well and making healthy lifestyle choices.

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