National Youth Solvent Abuse Program

The National Youth Solvent Abuse Program (NYSAP) is a national residential in-patient treatment program that compliments community-level activities aimed at preventing youth solvent abuse. Run through a network of ten Youth Solvent Addictions Centres, the program provides culturally appropriate treatment, specialized treatment and recovery programs for First Nations and Inuit youth with chronic solvent abuse problems.

You can get basic information on the treatment centres funded by NYSAP, as well as those funded by the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP), through the directory of treatment centres, compiled and updated as part of these programs.

Background and goals

In October 1993, Health Canada completed the First Nations and Inuit Community Youth Solvent Abuse Survey and Study. As a result of the study, NYSAP was established and the ten Youth Solvent Addictions Centres were opened.

The goal of NYSAP is to improve the quality of life and the functional abilities of persons addicted to solvents, by minimizing the effects and risks associated with solvent use. NYSAP also includes an outreach program that educates community workers and families on solvent abuse and provides follow-up with clients and their families.

Ongoing activities

NYSAP is managed through a National Committee of solvent abuse treatment centre representatives, which ensures coordination of services while continuing to enhance treatment services. Among their efforts, the Committee has developed a best practices manual and national protocols for youth solvent addictions treatment services. For these and other reasons, NYSAP is currently being viewed by other countries as a model for solvent abuse treatment.

Program facts

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