Apply for nursing jobs in First Nations communities

Be part of a collaborative team of Indigenous Services Canada health care professionals. Deliver care to clients of all ages in remote or isolated First Nations communities.

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Positions available

Registered nurse, Community health

Community health nurses deliver comprehensive health services in First Nations communities. They are responsible for:

  • in-depth nursing knowledge, skills and clinical expertise
  • advanced judgment through consultation and clinical practice
  • leadership
  • knowledge transfer
  • health promotion
  • disease prevention
  • mental health assessment
  • referral
Registered nurse, Public health

Public health nurses deliver programs that support the good health of First Nations peoples. They are responsible for:

  • wellness : well-baby, well-woman, well-man
  • public health screening
  • immunization and infection prevention
  • health teaching and promotion
  • COVID-19 screening (communicable disease screening)
Registered nurse, Nurse in charge

In addition to providing culturally safe and quality patient care, Nurses in charge are responsible for:

  • promoting positive relationships within the clinical team and community
  • coordinating and supervising care delivery
  • providing clinical guidance
  • supporting management
  • administration of the clinic or health centre
Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners provide onsite and remote consultative services to the population health and primary care team. They are responsible for:

  • illness treatment
  • referrals
  • ordering and interpreting tests
  • prescribing medications
  • performing minor medical procedures
  • educating clients and their families on:
    • healthy living
    • disease prevention
    • managing illness
Registered Practical Nurse (Ontario)

Registered Practical Nurses care for patients with predictable outcomes and are responsible for:

  • supporting primary care programming
  • comprehensive health and chronic disease assessments of clients at all stages of life
  • urgent and emergent care
  • patient education
  • health and wellness promotion
  • disease prevention
  • referrals

The benefits

Competitive wages

We offer competitive wages. Please see each position for more information.

For the most up–to-date information about employee entitlements, please visit these Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) web pages:

If the information provided here does not match the TBS website information, TBS is the prevailing authority.

Multiple locations

Positions are located in Remote or isolated First Nations communities in northern Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec.

Flexible Schedules

Travel and outpost nursing rotations may vary and will include a combination of days, evenings, nights, and weekends.

Common rotations in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta may include:

  • 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off
  • 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off
  • 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off
  • Rotations in Quebec are: 16 days on, 12 days off.
Additional benefits

Nursing students and recent graduates opportunities

Student Loan Forgiveness

We offer student loan forgiveness. For more information and eligibility requirements please visit: Canada Student Loan forgiveness.

Nurse Development Program

If you are a third or fourth year student or recent graduate with a degree in nursing from a recognized post-secondary institution, you may be eligible for the Nurse Development Program. This program is regionally led and learning plans are individually tailored to identify and develop required competencies to work in primary care settings. This will help ensure that you are fully prepared to work independently and meet the needs of the community.

For more information, and how to apply, please email the Centre for Nurse Recruitment:

Who can apply

Citizenship/permanent residency:
  • People residing in Canada, permanent residents of Canada and Canadian citizens residing abroad may apply
  • Candidates must be either a registered nurse or eligible to be a registered nurse, registered practical nurse or a nurse practitioner. They must be licensed by the time of appointment within the province in which the position is located. Specific areas of experience can be found on the apply link for each position.

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