Apply for nursing jobs in First Nations communities

Be part of a collaborative team of Indigenous Services Canada health care professionals. Deliver care to clients of all ages in remote or isolated First Nations communities.

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Positions available

Join our front-line nursing team in one of the 3 types of nursing positions:

Community health nurse

  • Community health nurses provide various primary care services with a public health care approach to address overall health in First Nations communities.


  • Nurses-in-charge are responsible for:
    • supervising the activities and performance of the station nurses and support staff
    • providing functional direction and support to community health representatives
    • liaising with local band administrators and community agencies

Nurse practitioner

  • Nurse practitioners:
    • manage acute and chronic medical conditions
    • are qualified to diagnose health conditions
    • order treatments
    • prescribe medications
    • make referrals for a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions within their scope of practice

The benefits

Who can apply?

Candidates must be either a registered nurse or eligible to be a registered nurse. They must be certified by the time of appointment within the province in which the position is located. They must also have gained, within the last 5 years, at least 2 years' experience in:

Consult the provincial nursing regulatory body for more information:

How to apply?

For instructions on how to apply, email us at

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