2021 annual Award of Excellence in Nursing: call for nominations

Celebrating the dedication, initiative and distinction of nurses who are helping to improve the health of First Nations and Inuit in Canada.


The deadline to submit nomination packages has been extended to March 8, 2021.

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About the award

The award will be presented to 3 exceptional nurses who provide care to First Nations or Inuit clients. Nominees will have demonstrated that they are committed to excellence in nursing practice by:

The Award of Excellence in Nursing will be presented to the 3 recipients during National Nursing Week. A virtual Ceremony will be held on Monday, May 10, 2021. Each recipient of the award will receive a framed certificate, as well as a gift to commemorate this special occasion.

Who is eligible

The award is open to all registered nurses, nurse practitioners and registered or licensed practical nurses who:


Completed nomination packages with supporting materials must be received either by mail, fax or email by: Monday, March 8, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. EST and sent to:

NOTE: if mailed, ensure the package is date stamped by March 8, 2021.

Chantal Rochon
2021 Annual Award of Excellence in Nursing
Indigenous Services Canada
Address locator 1916B, room 1619B
Jeanne Mance Building at Tunney's Pasture
200 Eglantine Driveway
Ottawa ON K1A 0K9

Tel: 613-797-4166
Fax: 613-948-2642
Email: sac.fnihbrecognition-dgspnireconnaissance.isc@canada.ca

All nominators and nominees will be notified in April 2021 of the results. We wish to thank everyone involved in the nomination process for taking the time to nominate an outstanding nurse providing direct front-line care in a First Nations or Inuit community.

How to make a nomination

Nominated candidates will be assessed in 2 areas:

  1. excellence in people skills
  2. dedication to leadership, learning, professional development and cultural competency

Members of a Nursing Award Selection Committee will evaluate the nomination packages anonymously based on specific criteria. Please review the criteria below and within your nomination assessment form, describe specific examples of how the nominee fulfills them.

The nominator must complete the form (if an issue occurs with the link, open with Adobe) summarizing why the nominee should receive this award. Clearly legible, hand-written documentation will also be accepted.

The selection committee will evaluate the candidates based on the following essential criteria. Please complete the form accordingly.

Excellence in people skills (All 4 criteria) :

Dedication to leadership, learning, professional development and cultural competency (all 6 criteria):

Mandatory documents for a complete nomination package submission

  • candidate or nominee's current resume
  • completed and signed nomination form (if an issue occurs with the link, open with Adobe) by the nominator as well as signed by the candidate/nominee (handwritten or digital signature option available)

Optional documents

  • letters of reference or support. These letters should include the following information :
    • who you are (your name, title and organization if any)
    • your connection with the person you are recommending and the dates in which you knew the nominee
    • the specific skills they have (referencing the merit criteria listed above).
    • a signature and the date the letter was written

The letters of reference or support would be strengthened by referencing the merit criteria as outlined above. They can be provided by, as an example, a supervisor, manager, colleague, community member or leadership, client.

Incomplete nomination packages will not be considered. Please include candidate or nominees full name, title and organization on all documentation.

Nominees will be evaluated by a selection committee only on the information provided within this package.

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