Health care services for First Nations and Inuit

Access the First Nations and Inuit home and community care program, health services and nursing care. Also find support for former students of Indian residential schools.

Services and information

Jordan's Principle

Learn about Jordan's Principle, its recent changes and how it protects First Nations children.

Supporting Inuit children

The Child First Initiative ensures Inuit children have access to the essential products, services and supports they need.

Non-insured health benefits for First Nations and Inuit

Learn about the Non-Insured Health Benefits program and how to access it. Also search for important health-related resources, contact information and the Drug Benefit List.

Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program

Learn how the program provides mental health, emotional and cultural support services to eligible former Indian Residential School students and their families

Indigenous health management and initiatives

Find information on contribution agreements, initiatives and the transfer process involving communities

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