eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies to support, educate, inform and connect health care professionals and the people they serve.

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Indigenous Services Canada's eHealth Solutions Unit (eHSU) works to develop eHealth tools to support the use of health technology in Canada's First Nations and Inuit communities to be connected, informed and ultimately healthier. Their overall aim is to enable front line health care providers working in First Nations and Inuit communities to improve people's health through innovative eHealth partnerships, technologies, tools and services. eHealth is about providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

The benefits of eHealth

As many First Nations and Inuit communities are in remote locations, the development of innovative eHealth partnerships, tools, services and technologies is integral to the overall improvement of First Nations and Inuit health. Some examples of the many benefits that can be realized by communities include:

The eHealth toolbox

Not all components of the eHealth toolbox are available in all regions. Contact the regional office to identify availability.

Developing successful eHealth solutions requires combining knowledge and technology in several key areas. These are the tools that make up the eHealth toolbox:

  1. connectivity: enabling electronic communications infrastructure through:
    • high-speed and broadband tele-communications networks
    • fibre-optic cable
    • wireless local area networks (WLANs)
    • phone lines
  2. teleHealth: providing remote communities with access to clinical and non-clinical health care professionals from a distance through the use of information communications technologies
  3. health information systems: applications to support service delivery, reporting and program planning
  4. health information for First Nations and Inuit community members: f acilitating on-line access to health information through:
    • internet portals
    • web mail
    • web sites
    • videoconferencing
  5. information for health providers: supporting efforts to ensure that health care providers have access to vital health resources, including:
    • virtual health libraries
    • diagnostic support
    • prescription support
    • continuing education
  6. privacy protection and standards: upholding the health privacy of patients within all communications by:
    • applying Health Level Seven (HL7) standards for the exchange, management and integration of data related to clinical patient care
    • providing on-line privacy training

Innovative eHealth solutions

The eHealth Solutions Unit has been a pioneer in developing innovative eHealth solutions within Canada's First Nations and Inuit communities and the world. The Alberta First Nations TeleHealth Program is an initiative aimed at redefining health care service delivery for First Nations communities in the Alberta Region, an area that includes roughly 700,000 hectares of reserve land on which some 58,000 people live on 123 reserves within 44 First Nations.

Learn more about eHealth

To learn more about how Indigenous Services Canada supports eHealth solutions in Canada for First Nations and Inuit communities, please contact your nearest regional office.

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