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[Text on screen: Ensuring First Nations children have access to the services they need.]

Narrator: "Is your child getting the services he or she needs? Jordan's Principle supports substantive equality for First Nations children when accessing government services.]

[Text on screen: Education, mental health, medical equipment, speech therapy and more…]

[A silhouette appears on the left side of the screen: a young girl playing in the grass next to a tree.]

Narrator: "First Nations children living on and off reserve are eligible. Service coordinators are available to ensure children have access to the services they need without delay."

[Text on screen: Jordan's Principle]

[A colorful mosaic appears at the top of the screen.]

Narrator: "Call or visit us today."

[Text on screen : Jordan's Principle. 1-855-JP-CHILD – 1-855-572-4453.]

[At the bottom of the screen, the young girl's silhouette reappears. She is now joined by two other children: a boy and a girl in a wheelchair.]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

[Canada wordmark]

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