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Learn about the initiative aimed at better meeting the health-care needs of First Nations and Inuit.

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About the Health Services Integration Fund

The Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF) is an initiative supporting collaborative planning and multi-year projects aimed at better meeting the health-care needs of First Nations and Inuit.

Through HSIF, Indigenous Services Canada is working with other provincial, territorial and First Nations and Inuit organizations to:


HSIF is an initiative that is managed and implemented at the regional level with national support for the purposes of national policy coordination. HSIF funding supports time-limited projects only. Funds are accessed through First Nations and Inuit Health Branch's Regional Offices that work with First Nations and Inuit organizations, in collaboration with provincial and territorial partners, to identify regional priorities and provide targeted project-based funding. The governance structures that oversee HSIF implementation in some regions may include regional advisory committees.

Regional advisory committees

Multi-party advisory committees established in some provinces support the planning to advance health services integration activities. These regional advisory committees are comprised of representatives from First Nations, Inuit, the province or territory's Ministry of Health (or other relevant Ministry that addresses health issues) and Indigenous Services Canada's First Nations and Inuit Health regional staff. Regional advisory committees may also include representatives from more than one First Nations or Inuit organization, regional or district health organizations or other First Nations or Inuit organizations.

Regional HSIF coordinators

  • oversee the management and implementation of HSIF at the regional level
  • represent Indigenous Services Canada on provincial or territorial advisory committees and support the work of the committees, where applicable
  • work with HSIF project coordinators from First Nations or Inuit organizations to support the implementation of projects


HSIF funding can be used to fund First Nations and Inuit communities and organizations to:

Activities supported through HSIF can include:

HSIF funding is also being leveraged to align with the broader objectives of ISC's Health Transformation initiative, which supports capacity and governance development for Indigenous organizations working towards assuming full control over the design, delivery and management of federally administered health services.

Further information related to eligible recipients, expenditures and activities under HSIF can be found in the Health Infrastructure Support Authority Terms and Conditions.

For more information, please contact First Nations and Inuit health regional offices or First Nations and Inuit Health Branch regional executives.

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