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Learn about the initiative aimed at better meeting the health-care needs of First Nations and Inuit.

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About the Health Services Integration Fund

The Health Services Integration Fund (HSIF) is an initiative supporting collaborative planning and multi-year projects aimed at better meeting the health-care needs of First Nations and Inuit.
Through HSIF, Indigenous Services Canada is working with other provincial, territorial and First Nations and Inuit organizations to:


HSIF is regionally implemented and nationally facilitated. The structures that oversee its implementation include:

Regional advisory committees

Multi-party advisory committees established in each province and territory have planned how to advance health services integration to better meet the needs of First Nations and Inuit. Every regional advisory committee is comprised of representatives from First Nations, Inuit (where applicable), the province or territory's Ministry of Health (or other relevant Ministry that addresses health issues) and Indigenous Services Canada's First Nations and Inuit Health regional staff. Regional advisory committees may also include representatives from more than one First Nations or Inuit organization, regional or district health organizations or other First Nations or Inuit organizations.

Each committee developed an integration plan that drew on lessons learned from the Aboriginal Health Transition Fund and elsewhere, and defined future priority areas in integrating health services within the province or territory. The committees also oversee and evaluate integration activities.

Regional HSIF coordinators

  • represent Indigenous Services Canada on provincial or territorial advisory committees and support the work of the committees
  • oversee the management and implementation of HSIF at the regional level.
  • work with project coordinators to support the implementation of projects

Indigenous Services Canada supports the implementation of HSIF nationally and regionally through the HSIF Unit, and regional HSIF coordinators.

Among other responsibilities, the HSIF Unit:

  • provides feedback and advice to Indigenous Services Canada senior management on HSIF integration plans and HSIF project proposals
  • leads policy development work on health services integration


Funded projects vary in focus, with partners working together to integrate health services in a range of areas such as:

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