Emergency response process during the COVID-19 pandemic

This is how responsibilities and decision-making are shared when First Nations ask for additional support and resources to respond to on-reserve emergencies, such as COVID-19.

Community response

Step 1: First Nation chief and council put their community emergency response plan in motion.

Step 2: If a First Nation needs more support than they are able to provide themselves, the chief contacts one of the following:

Regional response

If help is being provided by the ISC Regional Office:

If help is being provided by a province, territory or CRC the emergency is reviewed and the CRC responds as per their emergency management agreement with ISC.

If additional federal assistance is needed, the province, territory, or CRC will contact the ISC Regional Office and Public Safety Canada Regional Office.

National response

Step 3: If additional federal support is needed:

Step 4: If a resolution is not possible at the regional level, a Request For Assistance (RFA) is sent to Government Operations Centre for a response.

Whole of government response

Throughout the entire emergency process:

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