COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan in First Nations Communities

Executive summary

The Government of Canada's effort to address COVID-19 complements and works with the provinces' and territories' broader pandemic public health and safety measures. In this context Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is working closely with

to protect the health and safety of First Nations and support First Nations communities in responding to the public health crisis.

The COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan in First Nations Communities provides a high-level overview of ongoing ISC efforts supporting First Nations communities to prevent, contain, and mitigate the pandemic.

The plan builds on and interprets existing pandemic plans and experience which guide ISC's COVID-19 efforts. This includes:

In doing so, this plan identifies:

Due to increased COVID-19 risk factors within many First Nations communities, which increase the likelihood and potential severity of a COVID-19 outbreak, ISC's ongoing efforts are informed by a risk management approach.

ISC will update this plan as new information becomes available, for example information about distribution mechanisms and immunization campaigns to support the introduction of a vaccine, should one become available. ISC will also explore opportunities with First Nations partners to develop a COVID-19 recovery plan.

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