Committee for the Advancement of Native Employment

Learn about the Committee for the Advancement of Native Employment's work to increase Indigenous employment.

About the committee

The purpose of the Committee for the Advancement of Native Employment (CANE) is to:

CANE works co-operatively with senior management to recommend and implement change to Indigenous employment policies and programs within the departments, and to address concerns raised by Indigenous employees.

CANE also plays an important role in raising awareness about Indigenous peoples through means such as workshops, cultural activities and guest speakers. CANE's work to raise awareness supports both departments' efforts to increase understanding and respect for the culture and history of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

British Columbia CANE calendar

First published in 2006, the British Columbia (BC) CANE calendars feature stories, aspirations and advice from Indigenous federal public service employees working in BC. The calendars also include messages from Indigenous leaders, recruitment and retention resources, cultural awareness information, and a list of key historical events. In recent years, CANE has worked with the Pacific Aboriginal Network to produce the calendars. Both networks play active roles in improving the quality of workplaces in BC region's federal government offices for Indigenous employees.

The calendars are distributed to all First Nations in British Columbia through libraries, educational institutions, federal and provincial offices, as well as at events such as career fairs, conferences, National Indigenous Peoples Day, and Our Gathering.

2024 to 2025

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