Indigenous peoples in Manitoba

First Nations in Manitoba

As of March 2021, 164,289 people in Manitoba were registered under the Indian Act. Of this number, 93,840 people, or 57.1%, live on a reserve.

There are 63 First Nations in Manitoba, including 6 of the 20 largest bands in Canada. Manitoba is second to Ontario in total population living on a reserve and in total First Nation population.

Seventeen First Nations aren’t accessible by an all-weather road. This accounts for about half of all First Nations people who live a on reserve in Manitoba.

Geographic isolation has segregated certain First Nation communities socially and economically from mainstream Manitoba. This has created unique challenges in the region related to economic development and the delivery of services.

There are 5 First Nations linguistic groups in Manitoba:

There are 7 First Nations treaties in the province. Some First Nations are not signatory to any treaty with Canada, such as:

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First Nations political organizations

There are 7 First Nations tribal councils in Manitoba:

  • Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
  • Interlake Reserves Tribal Council
  • Island Lake Tribal Council
  • Keewatin Tribal Council
  • Southeast Resource Development Council
  • Swampy Cree Tribal Council
  • West Region Tribal Council

First Nations in Manitoba are represented by 3 active provincial political organizations divided on a north-south basis:

Related organizations include

About Métis in Manitoba

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