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The Estates Management Funding Program provides funding to support capacity-building for estate planning and administration for First Nations.

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About the program

The Estates Management Funding Program provides financial resources to eligible communities and organizations for estate planning, management and administration related work, including work to support the impact of settlement agreements on minor, dependent adult and decedent estates.

Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada recognize the importance of estate planning, management and administration and we are committed to supporting:

That commitment extends to supporting individuals, communities and organizations in managing estates impacted by settlement agreements.

Funding for this program is limited and application approval is subject to available resources.

Who can apply

The Estates Management Funding Program is open to any community or organization interested in advancing Indigenous estate governance capacity. Priority will be given to Indigenous entities.


Applications for funding in the 2024-2025 fiscal year must be submitted by July 10, 2024.

How to apply

Applications for funding need to include a completed Estates Management Program Application form (PAW #3869162).

The following details should be included directly on the Estates Management Program Application Form:

  1. Who is applying
    • If a community or an organization is applying, specify the community or type of organization, for example, First Nation or educational institution.
  2. A clear description or summary of the proposal
    • Briefly describe
      • the proposal objectives
      • how the proposal aligns with at least one of the Estates Management Funding Program goals and how the applicant has the authority and capacity to reach that goal
      • the amount of money requested
      • any planned activities
      • anticipated outcomes
    • Identify if this proposal has previously received funding from the Estates Management Funding Program. If yes, provide a summary of the previous proposal and its outcomes.
    • If a proposal is being submitted on behalf of one or multiple communities or organizations, or with the intention of supporting one or multiple communities or organizations, include evidence of the parties' informed consent to their inclusion in the proposal. This could be a signed letter from the participating First Nation administration(s) or organization(s) or a similar document.
  3. A completed declaration
    • Be sure to fill out the last section of the Estates Management Program Application Form.

Supporting documents to be included

  1. A detailed description of the proposed initiative, including:
  2. A detailed itemized budget for all components of the proposal.
  3. Evidence that the applicant has financial management controls or practices in place or has financial management experience. Examples of evidence are:
    • references to institutional capacity
    • other programs or projects that the applicant administers
    • letters of reference
    • other similar materials

It may be helpful to approach the Estates Management Program Application form (PAW #3869162) as a summary of the proposal, with the supporting documents providing a more detailed overview of the proposed initiative. We encourage you to ask questions and find out more on how to apply by emailing

After the application deadline has passed, we will conduct a review of the proposals received to determine funding eligibility. All applicants will be informed of the eligibility of their proposal.

What types of initiatives can be funded

Most initiatives can be funded as long as they support at least one of these goals:

Note that funds from the Estates Management Funding Program are considered fixed contribution funding. This means that recipients may retain unexpended funding from the fiscal year in which the proposal was funded to use in the following fiscal year.

Ineligible expenses

Contact us

You can send questions and completed applications to

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