Treaty Annuity Payments


Treaty annuity payments are paid annually on a national basis to registered Indians who are entitled to treaty annuities through membership to bands that have signed historic treaties with the Crown.

Program Description

The administration of treaty annuities falls under the Indian Moneys Program, which is responsible for the discharge of the Crown's treaty obligations. Depending on the terms of the specific treaty, these obligations can include the payment of individual treaty annuities, the provision of ammunition and twine for nets, and the provision of a suit of clothing every three years for Chiefs and Councillors.


A First Nation member's right to treaty payments depends on the precise terms and conditions of your First Nation's treaty. You are entitled to annual treaty payments if you are registered as an Indian and a member of a First Nation that signed a treaty providing for annual treaty payments. You may also be eligible if you have an affiliation with a Treaty First Nation. Treaty annuities are normally paid in cash at Treaty Day events held annually on or off reserve.

Client Group

First Nations under treaty with the Crown and First Nation individuals who are members of a Treaty First Nation.

Contact Information

Your First Nation band office or INAC regional office is the best place to learn more about the rights and benefits to which you may be entitled.

For more information on specific treaties, please contact INAC toll-free at 1-800-567-9604.

Additional Information

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