Kindergarten to grade 12 education

Learn about Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)'s role in elementary and secondary First Nations education, as well as funding programs available to support students and educators.


Funding for free menstrual products

Funding for free access to menstrual products is being provided to First Nations and First Nations-designated education organizations on reserve. They determine how to get and distribute menstrual products to their students.

Information on this initiative is available through ISC regional offices.

Services and information

First Nations education transformation

Find out how the Government of Canada is committed to establishing a new partnership on First Nations elementary and secondary education.

Elementary and Secondary Education Program

This program provides eligible students ordinarily living on reserve with elementary and secondary education programs comparable to those in provincial schools.

High-Cost Special Needs Education Program

This program helps eligible First Nations students with high-cost special needs to access quality programs and services that are culturally sensitive and reflective of generally accepted provincial or territorial standards.

New Paths for Education

This program funded projects and activities designed to improve the quality of education in First Nations schools and to enhance the educational experiences of students, teachers, administrators, parents and communities.

Innovation in Education Program

This program supports innovative programs and projects, which aim to improve outcomes for First Nations communities, schools and students.

Research and learning program

This program supports research projects that show the positive impacts of educational initiatives for First Nations students.

First Nation Student Success Program

This program supports First Nations educators on reserve (kindergarten to grade 12) in their ongoing efforts to meet students' needs and improve student and school results. Funding is limited to activities intended for students attending First Nation-operated schools.

Education Partnerships Program

This proposal-based program is designed to advance First Nations student achievement in First Nations and provincial schools.

First Nations Enhanced Education Infrastructure Fund

Find out how ISC works with First Nations to provide financial and advisory assistance to First Nations in the development of education facilities.

Past funding

Learn about the funding the Government of Canada provided for Kindergarten to grade 12 education to First Nations and other organizations.

Improving First Nations schools on reserve

Learn about new schools in First Nations communities since September 2016.

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