On-Reserve Income Assistance Program: First Nations-led engagement 2018

Current Status: Open

The engagement began on October 15, 2018.


As announced in Budget 2018, the Government of Canada is committed to engaging with First Nations to understand how to make the On-Reserve Income Assistance Program more responsive to the needs of clients and communities. We are also seeking input on how to best support First Nations individuals in the transition from income assistance to employment and education. The results of this First Nations-led engagement, supported by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), will inform the development of policy options for the program and facilitate ongoing discussion on broader transformation at ISC.


The Government of Canada will engage with:


The engagement plan is being developed with First Nations in respective regions in order to capture the unique needs of the communities in the area.

The engagement will:

Engagement activities will vary by region. ISC has provided funding to First Nations to organize or host engagement activities. Activities may include

How to participate

There are four ways to participate:

  1. Attend a face-to-face meeting organized by a First Nation organization in your region
  2. Complete a regional online survey hosted by a First Nation organization in your region
  3. Send a letter to the address in Contact us
  4. Send an email to aadnc.revenu-income.aandc@canada.ca

When and where

Because of the First Nations-led and region-specific nature of the engagement, each region will coordinate and host their unique set of engagement activities. Dates and locations for each session will be posted here as they become available.

Contact us

On-Reserve Income Assistance Program engagement 2018
10 rue Wellington 24th floor
Gatineau QC K1A 0H4
Email: aadnc.revenu-income.aandc@canada.ca

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