Transferring infrastructure service delivery to First Nations

As our shared goal, First Nations organizations and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) are partnering to advance First Nations self-determination in housing and community infrastructure.

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What we are doing

Since 2017, ISC has been supporting First Nations partners to develop and deliver infrastructure solutions from the ground up to advance our shared goal of transferring responsibility of departmental housing and community infrastructure programs to First Nations organizations.

ISC is also supporting these partners to ensure that First Nations-designed service delivery new models suit their needs while recognizing and implementing the inherent right to self-determination.

Creating new models for First Nations service delivery

With funding from ISC, First Nations organizations will determine new models of service delivery, including infrastructure services, that meet their own diverse needs, priorities and approaches. All models are opt-in and must be supported by leadership.

This funding supports engagements with communities, operators and leadership to develop new service delivery models. These engagements will guide the development of infrastructure service organizations and ultimately provide the foundation for First Nations care and control of housing and infrastructure service delivery.

Based on the needs identified through these engagements, First Nations organizations will determine the scope of infrastructure services they will be responsible for delivering.

The transfer process is a continuum, and requires approval and endorsement from First Nations leadership and ISC. The process will be marked through milestone agreements such as:

Funding for transfer initiatives

Since 2017 the Government of Canada has provided $108.89 million (until 2025–2026) to support engagements and institution building related to transferring housing and infrastructure services.

Organizations eligible for funding to become partners in Infrastructure Transfer initiatives need to have:

For more information on eligibility for ISC Infrastructure funding see section 4.1 of the Capital and Facilities Maintenance Program.

Eligible First Nations organizations can partner with ISC to determine models for delivering housing and infrastructure services such as:

The Government of Canada is also providing funding to support the implementation of a service delivery transfer agreement with the Atlantic First Nations Water Authority (AFNWA). Budget 2022 announced $173.2 million over 10 years (2022-23 to 2031-32) to support the AFNWA as it takes control of operating and maintaining water and wastewater systems on reserve in the Atlantic First Nations that choose to participate and have been supporting the AFNWA throughout its institution building phase.

This long-term, sustainable funding will support the AFNWA in delivering high-quality water and wastewater services to participating First Nations. This will be the first example of an infrastructure service delivery transfer agreement with a First Nations-led professional water utility in Canada.

Transfer initiatives underway

First Nations communities across Canada are already working towards taking responsibility and control of housing, water and other infrastructure services on reserves. As of January 2022 partners include:

In British Columbia

In Alberta

In Saskatchewan

In Manitoba

In Ontario

In the Atlantic

How to get involved

If you have questions related to the information shared on this page or want to participate in First Nations service transfer, contact us at

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