Extended Asset Condition Reporting System program

How ISC’s Extended Asset Condition Reporting System works and how to request additional information and apply for funding.

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About the program

The Extended Asset Condition Reporting System Program (E-ACRS) arranges inspections of Indigenous Service Canada (ISC)-funded infrastructure once every 3 years. It’s part of ISC’s Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program.

ISC provides funding to cover the cost of professional services to conduct on-site comprehensive inspections of ISC-funded assets.

E-ACRS supports First Nations communities by:

E-ACRS inspections include an assessment of each infrastructure asset’s:

Following each inspection:

E-ACRS expands on the previous ACRS inspections by capturing data used by First Nations communities in Asset Management planning. This includes:

Request for proposals

ISC’s request for proposals package is available to support eligible recipients in requesting consultant’s proposals for the delivery of the inspection requirements under the program. The package includes:

First Nations and tribal councils will administer and deliver the inspection program in their communities.

Each proposal will be assessed to see if it meets the criteria as outlined in the E-ACRS terms of reference and the request for proposals.

Who can apply

This funding is available to all eligible recipients under the Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program, and can include First Nations communities and tribal councils with scheduled inspections in the current fiscal year.


We will evaluate proposals as we receive them. On the first day of the fiscal year, April 1, First Nations and tribal councils, that are scheduled to have an inspection in that year, may begin submitting their proposals to ISC.

How to apply

First Nations and tribal councils can contact the nearest ISC regional office to:

Contact us

To learn more, contact your nearest ISC regional office

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