Treaty annuities, estates and trusts

Trust money management, annuity entitlement, services to help manage estates of dependents and rights and protections concerning matrimonial property on reserve.

Services and information

Treaty annuity payments

Find out about treaty annuity payments to persons who are entitled to them through registration to First Nations that signed specific historic treaties with the Crown.

Estate services for First Nations

Find out what services are available to help manage the affairs of a minor or a dependent adult who usually lives on a reserve or a deceased family member or friend who usually lived on a reserve.

Trust moneys

Find out how First Nations can manage their moneys. Learn about Indigenous Services Canada's responsibility to manage moneys held in trust for First Nations and their members.

Matrimonial real property on reserve

Find out what rights and protections are available after the end of a marriage, common-law relationship or death of a spouse or common-law partner.

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