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What is an Indian Registration Administrator

An Indian Registration Administrator (IRA) is a band employee on reserve who does work related to the administration of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) programs.

IRAs are delegated specific authorities by the Indian Registrar. The roles of IRAs vary from band to band. By working at the band level on behalf of ISC, IRAs are able to maintain the Indian Register and help band members apply for Indian status and status cards.

According to section 5 of the Indian Act, ISC is responsible for the Indian Register as well as band lists maintained at INAC.

A current, up-to-date and accurate Indian Register is needed to deliver ISC programs and services as it identifies who is entitled to participate in certain programs.

IRAs issue certificates of Indian status. As of June 2016, the certificate of Indian status is issued by some 500 Indian Registration Administrators located in band offices across the country.

How to update information in the Indian Register

Some IRAs have access to the Indian Register and make changes, when requested, to a person's information. Other IRAs are able to access the Indian Register and work with ISC employees to make sure the Indian Register is up to date for their community.

If you are an IRA, please use one of these forms to update an Indian Register entry:

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