How to update the Indian Register

Find out how to report an event or amend an entry.

Reclaiming your name

You can reclaim your name in the Indian Register and on your status card.

At this time, your family name, given name or alias can only include letters from the Latin alphabet and some accented letters.

You can submit your application in the same way as when applying for registration or a secure status card.

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How to update information in the Indian Register

It's important that your personal information in the Indian Register be kept accurate and up to date to apply for a secure status card and receive information from Indigenous Services Canada.

To update your personal information in the Indian Register, you must submit a request and valid acceptable identification either


If you have any further questions, contact Public enquiries.

How to report a birth in the Indian Register

Reporting a birth is the same as applying for registration.

To find out more, visit How to apply for Indian status.

How to report the death of a registered family member or friend

1. Provide any one of these documents:

Also provide the deceased family member's or friend's status card, if available.

Documents that may also be accepted in exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances, a combination of a public notice of death, for example, a funeral home statement or a newspaper obituary clipping, and an affidavit from a next of kin or Indian Registration Administrator may also be accepted. In instances where a person is believed to be dead, other documentation, such as a police report or court order, will be accepted.

All other types of evidence will need to be reviewed and decided upon by the Registrar on a case by case basis.

2. Submit the documents either


Find out more

To find out more about Indigenous Services Canada's services to help families manage the legal and financial affairs of registered persons who usually live on a reserve and have died, visit Estate services for First Nations.

To find out more about reporting the death of a registered family member or friend, contact Public enquiries.

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