Register under the Indian Act

Find out if you are entitled to registration, how to apply and where to get help.

Reclaiming your name

You can reclaim your name in the Indian Register and on your status card.

At this time, your family name, given name or alias can only include letters from the Latin alphabet and some accented letters.

  • To reclaim your family name or given name, you must submit a document that confirms your reclaimed name, such as a proof of birth document or a legal change of name certificate, with your complete application.
  • To reclaim your name as an alias, you don't need to submit a document that confirms your reclaimed name with your complete application.

You can submit your application in the same way as when applying for registration or a secure status card.

Services and information

How to apply for Indian status

Find out if you are entitled to be registered under the Indian Act and how to apply.

Trusted sources for registration and status card applications

Find out about trusted sources and how they can help complete applications for registration under the Indian Act and status cards.

When do you become eligible for the Non-Insured Health Services program

Find out how long it takes to receive non-insured health services benefits available to registered persons.

Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation enrolment process update

Find out more about the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation enrolment process.

If you disagree with the Registrar's decision

Find out how to protest the Registrar's decision on your application for registration under the Indian Act.

Get help researching your First Nations ancestry

You can request a family history search to find out if you have ancestors registered under the Indian Act or a letter of ancestry to attest you have registered ancestors.

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