Are you eligible for Indian status

Find out if you are eligible to register and how to apply.

COVID-19-related office closure

Visit COVID-19: Office closures to find out how to apply by mail and the acceptability of expired status cards.

Visit Coronavirus and Indigenous communities to find out how to apply for COVID-19-related benefits.

Services and information

Are you applying for Indian status

Find out if you are entitled to be registered as an Indian under the Indian Act and how to apply.

How to apply if you are adopted

Find out how to apply for Indian status if you have been adopted.

Are you applying with only one parent listed on your birth certificate

Find out how to apply if your birth certificate does not state the name of your biological parent who is registered or is entitled to be registered.

When do you become eligible for non-insured health services benefits

Find out how long it takes to receive non-insured health services benefits available to Status Indians.

Have you applied to join the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation

Find out more about the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation enrolment process.

Eliminating known sex-based inequities in Indian registration

Find out what the Government of Canada is doing to ensure equity between the sexes in Indian registration.

Collaborative Process on Indian Registration, Band Membership and First Nation Citizenship: Consultation Plan

Find out how the Government of Canada plans to consult on Indian registration, band membership and First Nations citizenship.

Do you disagree with the Indian Registrar's decision

Find out how to protest the Indian Registrar's decision on your application for Indian status.

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