Vision care benefits for First Nations and Inuit

Learn about eye and vision care benefits under the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program.

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About vision care benefits

The NIHB program's vision care benefit provides coverage for eye examinations and corrective eyewear, this includes:

The program provides eligible clients with coverage for benefits not available under other federal, provincial, territorial or private health insurance.

Vision care benefits are covered in accordance with program policies. These policies are set out in the NIHB Guide to vision care benefits. Benefits must be provided by an NIHB-recognized provider.

How to access vision care benefits

You can access your vision care benefits from an NIHB-recognized eye health professional, such as an:

Vision care providers enrolled with the program generally send claims to bill the program directly. Claims processing services are provided by Express Scripts Canada. Information can be found on the Express Scripts Canada NIHB provider and client website.

Claims cover costs that are eligible for reimbursement under the program as per established fee guides. You may also submit reimbursement requests yourself. See Client reimbursement for more information.

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