Land management

Programs and legislation about reserve land, land management, environmental stewardship, financial management and the professional land management certification program.

Services and information

First Nations Land Management

Find out how First Nations can develop their own laws about land use and take advantage of economic development opportunities.

Additions to reserve

Add land to an existing reserve land or create a new reserve for First Nations.

Treaty Land Entitlement

Find out about the Treaty Land Entitlement process and settlement agreements in Canada.

Land Registration

Land registries and records including the Indian Land Registry System, the First Nations Land Registry system and the Self-Governing First Nations Land Register.

First Nations Fiscal Management

Apply to have financial management authority over property taxation, local revenues and economic development on reserve.

Reserve lands and environmental management

Apply for targeted funding to help your community meet the objectives of its program.

Contaminated Sites On-Reserve program

Reducing and eliminating contaminates on-reserve and providing information for informed decision-making by individuals and communities.

Indigenous Centre of Expertise for Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management

The centre will help to build the scientific and technical capacity for Indigenous communities to assess and manage cumulative effects on their lands and territories.

Professional Land Management Certification Program

Train to become a certified First Nations land manager or officer.


Ordering and identifying parcels lands for management and development.

Designation and Surrender: Interim Bulletin for Chapter 5, Land Management Manual

Legislative and regulatory amendments to the Indian Act and the Indian Referendum Regulations.

Locatee Lease Policy and Directive

The Locatee Lease Policy and Directive 7-3: Locatee Leases (2013) replaces Directive 7-3: Locatee Leases of Chapter 7 -Leases: Drafting, Issuing and Cancelling in the Land Management Manual, 2003.

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