COVID-19 vaccines and Indigenous peoples

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COVID-19 vaccinations underway

The Government of Canada is working to secure safe and effective vaccines to prevent COVID-19. This is key to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and resuming normal life.

As of September 7, 2021, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is aware of:

  • 687 communities with vaccinations underway (for either priority groups or all adults) in:
    • First Nations and Inuit communities in provinces
    • communities in territories
  • 755,639  doses have been administered, of that 332,768 were second doses in individuals aged 12+

To find out more about the progress in administration of vaccines:

Information for Indigenous youth

To find out more:

Information for Indigenous peoples in urban communities

Why vaccinate against COVID-19

By getting a COVID-19 vaccine, you will be protected and will help prevent the spread of the virus to those who may be more likely to contract it, such as:

ISC encourages all First Nations, Inuit and Métis to receive the vaccine to protect themselves, their families and communities.

Vaccines are safe

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Crossing borders

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Life after vaccination

To find out more about public health measures and regional plans, visit:

As of September 1, 2021, the Government of Quebec requires people who have been vaccinated to have a COVID-19 vaccination passport. To find out more, visit:

Information on vaccination

Information on vaccines


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