First Nations housing

Learn how Indigenous Services Canada helps First Nations provide sustainable housing on reserve.

On-reserve housing funding in previous years

Budgets 2017 and 2018 provided $600 million in dedicated funding over three years to support new construction and repairs to First Nations housing on reserves, as well as for the development of a 10-year Housing Strategy that is being done with First Nations.

Budget 2016 provided $416.6 million over two years through Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (now Indigenous Services Canada) to improve on-reserve housing conditions, reduce overcrowding and increase health and safety.

The above is in addition to about $149.5 million provided by the department annually to First Nations to support a range of housing needs.


Roles and responsibilities

Find out about Indigenous Services Canada's role in First Nations housing.

First Nations On-Reserve Housing Program

Learn about funding for more and better quality housing in First Nation communities in most of Canada.

Housing Support Program (HSP) in British Columbia

Apply for funding to help First Nations in British Columbia leverage funding, develop housing plans and policy, and manage housing in their communities.

First Nations Market Housing Fund

Learn how the First Nations Market Housing Fund helps First Nations obtain loans from financial institutions and build, buy or renovate a house on reserve lands.

Ministerial Loan Guarantees

Learn how Ministerial Loan Guarantees are used to secure loans to build, purchase or renovate on-reserve housing.

On-reserve Income Assistance Program

On-reserve recipients of this program may be eligible to receive shelter allowance through their basic needs benefit to help cover living expenses such as utilities and rent.

Success stories

Find stories showcasing infrastructure and housing successes in Indigenous communities.


Find forms for programs and services related to infrastructure and housing.

Health in your home

Find health information on housing, mould and indoor air.

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