Programs that support First Nations elementary and secondary education and distinctions-based strategies for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation post-secondary students.

Services and information

Kindergarten to grade 12 education

Learn about Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)'s role in elementary and secondary First Nations education, as well as funding programs available to support students and educators.

First Nations education transformation

Find out how the Government of Canada is committed to establishing a new partnership on First Nations elementary and secondary education.

Post-secondary education

Supports for First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation post-secondary students pursuing post-secondary education.

Education infrastructure

Find out how ISC provides funds for school facilities on reserves and how First Nations communities can qualify for those funds.

First Nations and Inuit cultural centres

Funds to help preserve and strengthen unique First Nations and Inuit cultures, traditions and languages.

ISC Services Portal and Education Information System

Learn about the Services Portal, the Education Information System and the Education Reports and Analysis Solution, including how to access reporting forms, the Nominal Roll and other education program information.

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