Water in First Nations communities

Find out how the Government of Canada works with First Nations to end long-term drinking water advisories and improve water and wastewater systems on reserve.

Legal notice about class action lawsuit

You could be affected by a new class action litigation regarding the lack of access to clean drinking water on First Nations reserves since June 21, 2021. Find out more:

Update: Claims deadline extended by 1 year

The First Nations Drinking Water Settlement claims deadline for individuals and the acceptance deadline for First Nations has been extended by 1 year. First Nations and individuals affected by long-term drinking water advisories that lasted for at least 1 year between November 20, 1995 and June 20, 2021 now have until March 7, 2024 to submit their claim for compensation.

For more information and to apply for compensation, visit First Nations Drinking Water Settlement.

Courts approve settlement agreement

The Federal Court (FC) and the Court of Queen's Bench of Manitoba (MBQB) issued a joint decision approving an agreement to settle class-action litigation related to safe drinking water in First Nations communities:

Services and information

Achieving clean drinking water in First Nations communities

Water projects, remaining advisories by community, training, operations and investments

Ending long-term drinking water advisories in First Nation communities

Learn about progress in ending long-term drinking water advisories on reserve.

Short-term drinking water advisories

Learn about short-term drinking water advisories in First Nations communities south of the 60th parallel.

About drinking water advisories

Learn about different types of drinking water advisories in First Nations communities.

Wastewater in First Nation communities

Learn about wastewater in First Nation communities.

Roles and responsibilities

Learn how the responsibility for providing water on reserve is shared between First Nations and the Government of Canada.

Supporting First Nations control of water delivery

Learn how First Nations communities are assuming control and delivery of infrastructure services.

Circuit Rider Training Program

Find out how First Nation community operators get trained through the Circuit Rider Training Program.

National First Nations Water Leadership Award

An annual award recognizing the contribution of a First Nation to clean and safe drinking water.

Drinking water monitoring

Learn how the Government of Canada works with First Nations communities to ensure effective monitoring of water quality.

Protocols and guidelines for water systems

Find protocols, guidelines and the policy for water and wastewater systems in First Nations communities.

Inspecting your well: A step-by-step checklist

Follow this step-by-step checklist on how to visually inspect your well.

Developing laws and regulations for First Nations drinking water and wastewater: engagement 2022

Engagement on proposed legislation to support safe, reliable drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in First Nations communities.

National assessments of First Nations water and wastewater systems

Understand the results of the assessment, find national and regional reports and review the department's response plan.

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