Infrastructure in Indigenous communities

Support for adequate and sustainable housing, clean drinking water and community infrastructure such as schools, roads and wastewater systems.

Services and information

Investing in Canada Plan funding stream: Green infrastructure

The programs in the Green Infrastructure stream support greener communities by contributing to climate change preparedness, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting renewable technologies in Canada.

Investing in Canada Plan funding stream: Social infrastructure

The programs in the Social infrastructure stream support the provision of adequate and affordable housing and child care, as well as community, cultural and recreational facilities.

Investing in Indigenous community infrastructure

Working in partnership with Indigenous communities to support projects through targeted infrastructure investments.

Indigenous Community Infrastructure Fund

Supporting and investing in the immediate infrastructure needs of Indigenous communities for ongoing, new and shovel-ready projects.

Transferring infrastructure service delivery to First Nations

Partnering to advance First Nations self-determination in housing and community infrastructure.

First Nation housing

Programs to provide sustainable housing on reserve.

Water in First Nation communities

Ending long-term drinking water advisories and improving water and wastewater systems on reserve.

First Nations Enhanced Education Infrastructure Fund

Financial and advisory support for the development of education facilities.

Asset Management Program

This program helps First Nations communities manage, operate and maintain infrastructure.

Policies and directives for infrastructure

Guidance for Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) infrastructure funding in First Nation communities.

First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan

How the plan helps First Nations build and maintain infrastructure in their communities.

Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program

Support for First Nations community infrastructure on reserve.

First Nations Infrastructure Fund

Funding for First Nations communities to improve community infrastructure.

Health Facilities Program

Funding for infrastructure that supports the delivery of First Nations and Inuit health-related programs and services.

Connectivity and partnerships

Initiatives to ensure Indigenous communities have access to reliable high-speed Internet.

Lifecycle of a First Nations infrastructure project

The different stages of a community infrastructure project on reserves.

First Nations Waste Management Initiative

Funding for solid waste management projects on reserves.


Find forms for programs and services related to infrastructure and housing.

Extended Asset Condition Reporting System program

How ISC’s Extended Asset Condition Reporting System works and how to ask for more information and apply for funding.

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