First Nation community infrastructure

Budget 2016 announced approximately $4 billion to improve First Nations community infrastructure through the former Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (now Indigenous Services Canada)'s programs, about $3.4 billion of which is provided through the Government of Canada's long-term infrastructure plan Investing in Canada. Beginning in 2016-2017, Budget 2016 will invest:

  • $1.8 billion over five years to improve on reserve water and wastewater infrastructure
  • $409 million over five years to improve solid waste management on reserve
  • $969.4 million over five years to First Nations education infrastructure on reserve
  • $416.6 million over two years to address housing needs on reserve
  • $255 million over two years to the First Nation Infrastructure Fund
  • $76.9 million over two years to support cultural and recreational infrastructure on reserve

Budget 2017 proposes to invest an additional $4 billion over 10 years through the Investing in Canada Plan, starting in 2018–19, to build and improve housing, water treatment systems, health facilities and other community infrastructure in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

To learn more about how to access this funding, contact your Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) regional office to make sure your community infrastructure proposals are included in your First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) works with First Nation governments and communities to support adequate and sustainable housing, clean drinking water and community infrastructure such as schools, roads, and wastewater systems, which are essential to healthy, safe and prosperous communities.

First Nation housing

Learn how ISC helps First Nations provide sustainable housing on reserve.

Water in First Nation communities

Find out how the Government of Canada works with First Nations to end long-term drinking water advisories and improve water and wastewater systems on reserve.

First Nations Enhanced Education Infrastructure Fund

Find out how ISC works with First Nations to provide financial and advisory assistance to First Nations in the development of education facilities.

Asset Management Program

The Asset Management Program helps First Nations develop capacity for long-term infrastructure construction and maintenance planning.

First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan

Find out how the First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan helps First Nations build and maintain infrastructure in their communities.

Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program

Learn about ISC's efforts to support and fund community infrastructure for First Nations on reserve.

First Nations Infrastructure Fund

Learn how the First Nations Infrastructure fund helps First Nation communities develop their public infrastructure to improve the quality of life for First Nations.

First Nations infrastructure transformation

Collaborating with First Nations partners to transform how infrastructure services are delivered.

Connectivity and partnerships

Find out about the initiatives taken to ensure Indigenous communities have access to reliable high-speed Internet.

Lifecycle of an infrastructure project

Learn about the different stages of a community infrastructure project on reserve.

First Nations Waste Management Initiative

Find out about funding available for solid waste management projects on reserve.

Success stories

Find stories showcasing infrastructure and housing successes in Indigenous communities.


Find forms for programs and services related to infrastructure and housing.

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